Smoky Turkey Sausage Chili


Hey Besties! Happy Monday. I know for some of us this is a holiday, so enjoy your time off if it is. If you have to work today, I hope your day is quiet and productive.

Today, I have a really Good recipe for you that is so easy, so comforting and really healthy. My lovely friends Sara and Holly from the blogging community are now hosting the Hello Monday link up and I decided to publish this recipe as part of their Monday Morning edition. If you have some time, try to visit this fun link up.

As for this recipe, one thing that I decided to do over Christmas break was to make a soup, stew or chili along with a breakfast casserole or frittata every weekend. This has been especially helpful while we are working from home and most importantly during hockey season. There is something very calming about knowing you have Good, healthy food at home that you can just heat up during a busy week. 

Friday Favorites January 7, 2021: Yummy and Healthy Oatmeal, Easy Soup, MDL Josh & Josh and a Fun Wine Glass


Hey there Besties, I hope your first week of 2022 was a Good one. My week was busy but there were moments of quiet time as well. That is a combo I really like. Now that we are at the end of the week I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for my Friday Favorites and all of the things that I are bringing me Joy in the New Year. 

1. Simple Truth Probiotic Oatmeal

I bought this when I wasn't feeling well a few weeks ago and was on an antibiotic. Yogurt doesn't really agree with me so I took a probiotic in a capsule but then also added in this oatmeal. It's organic, it's gluten free and it's so yummy it's part of my new breakfast routine. I purchased this oatmeal at Harris Teeter.

Word for 2022: Less (and a Little More Too)


For the last couple of years, I have jumped into the word of the year craze instead of doing New Year's Resolutions. For me it is a Better way to focus on making changes throughout the year. It's super trendy but I do think it works.

In 2021, my word was "boundaries" and was really something that I needed to implement in my life. I am an enneagram three also known as the "achiever". One thing I learned this past year is that "threes" are the easiest to take advantage of because people know you will always just take care of things. This is spot on in my life and the focus on boundaries really helped me in 2021.

Hello Monday January 3, 2022-Your Favorite Posts of 2021


Happy New Year Besties! I for one am tiptoeing into 2022 and trying not to cause any trouble. I had intended for this post as a Friday Favorites last week but we made a little u-turn with our plans and went up to see my mom for the day on Friday. Today I am sharing the most popular posts of 2021. I mentioned last week that Good Better Best hit a big milestone in page reads in December that was a little mind blowing. This post is for everyone that stopped by Good Better Best in 2021 and I always think it is fun to look back at what people like to read. Shall we get to the list? Let's go!

5. Charcuterie Cups and Rose' Water Review


Remember in April when some people were vaxxed, others were not yet and we were all trying to still find ways to safely socialize? I came up with these individualized charcuterie cups and then also did a review on rose' water. These are still a Good way to entertain pandemic or not.

Monthly Musings December 2021: 2021 Wrap Up/New Year's


Hey there Besties, welcome to the final Monthly Musings of 2021. Holly and I have such fun with this link up and enjoy all of the writers that join us every monthly. These talented and smart writers bring a fresh take to our questions every time and we are so grateful to everyone that joins us as a writer and a reader.

I also want to take this moment to thank everyone that stops by Good Better Best every week. Recently, this site crossed a milestone that I am truly humbled by. This month, we crossed the 300,000+ mark for page reads. I never write for page reads and I never write for validation from other people. I always just write from my heart. Thank you to everyone who is part of the Good Better Best community whether you found us this year or have been here since the beginning. This site brings me true Joy and I am so glad you are here.

Now on to Monthly Musings. If you are linking up with us, please link up on topic. Also if you link, please try to visit at least three other writers and comment if you can. It's a wonderful way to build community.

1. Favorite moments of 2021?

Honestly, at times 2021 feels a lot like 2020. In 2021, we are just swapping the toilet paper shortage for a cream cheese shortage. I am not sure which one is worse. 

Monthly Musings December 2021 Topics: 2021 Wrap Up/New Year's


Holly and I are wrapping up 2021 with our final Monthly Musings on Thursday. Hope you will join us as a writer, reader or both as we wrap up 2021 and talk New Year's.

See you back here on Thursday with the link up.

Friday Favorites Dec 10, 2021: Best Female Owned Sites for Holiday Shopping


Whew, this week was a little exhausting Besties. I have some work things popping and then we had a very fun hockey game early in the week. Hockey Guy has the crud which is thankfully not COVID. We didn't think it was COVID but as we all know the time from swabbing to results can be a little unnerving. This week as I link up  with Erika and Andrea for my Friday Favorites, I am going to share with you my Best female owned sites for your holiday shopping. Some are local to me but they all have an online component. Let's keep shopping small and clear our holiday gift lists.

1. Top It Off

Top It Off sells the most beautiful summer tunics in dreamy cotton and they also have the Best gifts for this time of year. Whether you are mad for plaid or love holiday whimsey, Top It Off has you covered.

They have so many things I love and Top It Off is a staple of my wardrobe. It's also a super fun shopping experience.
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