Friday Favorites--Things About Us at Year Fourteen

I had wanted to write this post earlier in the week but with the end of school, I got a little too busy to post on our actual anniversary of June 11. We have been together for fifteen years and married fourteen this week,  that being the case, I am rolling my anniversary post into Friday Favorites and linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci. This post is my favorite things about us...Running Daddy and me, the little things that bring me Joy

1) Morning Coffee

Every week day and pretty every weekend morning, Running Daddy and I start our day with coffee together. Running Daddy makes the coffee and we get up really early during the week. I am always up at 5:00 a.m. and he is usually up earlier but is always up by 5:00 with me. We hang out together and drink coffee downstairs in our family room and just chat. Sometimes it is big conversations, sometimes about the schedule for the day or the week, sometimes we are just catching up or talking about the headlines of the day.

Friday Favorites-Summer Cocktail, Bachelorette Music, Cookie Monster on Waze

Aaaah weekend. Hello! So glad to see you. I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci for Friday Favorites and sharing what is bringing me Joy this week. 

1) Getting Back Our Weekends

It is finally that time of year when we have our weekends back. Being a hockey family takes a lot of time. Our season runs from September until March. That's a long time and then we headed right into lacrosse. We are finally at that point when we can have real weekends. Bring on the sleeping in a little bit and trips to the farmers market!

Thankful Thursdays-Finding Gratitude in an Orthopaedic Boot

So this link up was supposed to happen last Thursday, but with everything going on with my foot, Holly was like...girl, let's just do it next week. That my friends is why she is such a Good blogging partner for me. She just sets me straight when I am going a little haywire and trying to do too much.

So we are going to do this as an early June Thankful Thursdays link up and I so have a lot to be thankful for. Our prompt was for Motherhood/or the End of School, but as you know, Holly and I keep it pretty loose around here and just want you all to embrace whatever you are thankful for and just link up with us. This month  my Thankful Thursday involves an orthopaedic boot.

Friday Favorites: TraderJoe's Finds, Better Concealer and Blessed by Friends

Image result for Heather stillufsen  weekend

This week went pretty fast but I am still so happy to see the weekend. I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci for Friday Favorites and sharing what is bringing me Joy this week. This is a pretty quick list because it is a little late and I am pretty tired.

1) It Cosmetics Eyelift in a Tube

***contains affiliate link

I have dark circles under my eyes, they are hereditary, and I am always looking for ways to make my under eyes look Better. I have been using It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye for several years. I definitely think it is a Good solution but sometimes feel like I always have too much product that I am trying to blend in. I liked the idea of the Eyelift in a Tube because it comes with a wand and I feel like I can control the product Better. It also has a highlighter on the other end that I put towards the outer portion of my eye. I do really like it and think it combines the Best of both worlds. Oh It Cosmetics concealer has never made my eyes itch...and you all know that almost everything makes my eyes itch.

What's Up Wednesday--May 2019

Hey there Good Better Besties! anyone else's May as crazy as ours? It just flew by. I heard someone say a few weeks ago that May is as busy as December but without that parties and hope of presents at the end of the month. So, so true. Since it is the last Wednesday of May, I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday! Pour your favorite beverage and settle in for what's been going on around here...cause it is a lot.

What We're Eating This Week

Since we are sprinting towards the end of the school year, we have a lot of season ending practice and school things. So we will be having whatever is easy in the Good Better Best household. Those options include: 

-Mini cucumbers
-Amylu Chicken Burgers 
-Chicken sausage
-Smoked turkey sandwiches
-Grilled Cheese

Friday Favorites: Eyelet for Summer, RIP Grumpy Cat, Long Weekends, Best Barbecue Rub and Good Rose'

Image result for heather rosehill memorial day

Well hello Memorial Day weekend. I don't know about you, but I am ready for the start of summer and a long weekend. As we kick off summer, I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci for Friday Favorites and sharing what is bringing me Joy this week.

1) All Things Eyelet

I so love eyelet for summer and there are some really Good eyelet fashion options this year. I snagged two cute items on a really Good sale at J Crew Factory earlier this week and they arrived today. They will be perfect pieces for work and play this summer.

Size Small
***Contains affiliate links

Friday Favorites: Southern Charm returns, Bachelorette Returns, Birthday Boy and Mindfulness in the Morning

Image result for Heather stillufsen weekend may

This week flew by. We have another busy but Good weekend that I am looking forward to. I wanted to post this on Friday but the end of my week went a little sideways. To kick off the weekend, I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci for Friday Favorites and sharing what is bringing me Joy this week.

1) Return of Southern Charm

southern charm chelsea meissner GIF by Bravo TV

Southern Charm is back...hallelujah! While I love my Hallmark Channel, I also love my Bravo. Southern Charm is Running Daddy and my favorite reality show. It returned this week just in time for Running Daddy's birthday. 

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